Thursday, January 22, 2009

6 Months

Rylan turned 6 months on January 17th. It is so hard to believe that he is half way to being 1 year old. It breaks my heart to think about it. I took him this morning for his 6 month check up. He weighed 16lbs. 11oz.- Dr. Whitaker thinks he lost the weight when he was sick. He is 27 5/8 inches long. They had to give him 5 shots and one vaccine that he had to drink which must have tasted terrible because he made the funniest face when they gave it to him. He handled the shots like a big boy. I was very surprised. He didn't start crying until the 3rd shot and stopped as soon as I picked him up. Dr. Whitaker said that he looked great and we don't have to go back until 9 months and no more shots until we go for his 1 year check up. Some other news about Rylan is he is the happiest baby you will ever meet. All this boy does is smile and laugh. He is so content you can sit him in the floor with his toys and he will be fine for at least an hour. That's is great because Natalie wouldn't sit still for 5 minutes. He will put himself to sleep when he is tired all we have to do is lay him down. He loves bath time and Natalie loves to help Daddy give him one. He sleeps all through the night and has been since 5 weeks. I can put him down at 8:00 and he is usually good until 7:00 the next morning( I know I am lucky- sometimes he even sleeps until 8:00) He is amazed by the TV. We just started putting him in the walker and he loves it. He figured out how to move around within 5 minutes. I was thinking it would have at least taken him a couple of days to get used to it. He loves baby food. He usually eats 2 jars at a time. That's enough fun stuff about Rylan. I will save the rest for another day because I could go one and one.

*Pictures to come tonight*

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Sue said... are blessed. I think every body needs one good baby and you have yours. I think it is great that you can just put him down and he goes to sleep. Emma (Chris' baby) is the same. She doesn't want you to rock her. Mine were never like that!