Friday, April 23, 2010


We took Rylan to the pediatric ophthalmologist on Monday and it turns out that his vision is very bad. We had been noticing his left eye crossing for about a month now and turns out the he has something called amblyopia better known as lazy eye. He will have to wear glasses to correct it. We will also have to put drops in his good eye to blur the vision to help correct the lazy eye. The doctor told us that there was no way to tell if the glasses and drops would be a permanent cure but it was certainly a possibility that he wouldn't have to wear them the rest of his life. I am very hopeful that he won't but if he does I am sure that he will wear them beautifully. We took him on Monday to get fitted for them. We also had to order a pair of prescription sunglasses since the drops will be in a sense dilating his good eye so it will be very sensitive to light. Not good for a boy who loves to be outside. Please pray that he adjusts to wearing the glasses and sunglasses well and that mom and dad can remain strict and enforce him to keep them on.

I will save the actual pair of glasses we got for a later post but here is a picture of him modeling a pair.

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