Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cupcakes and A-girl

I had the day off Friday for Natalie's birthday so I decided to surprise her and take cupcakes to school to share with her friends. It was so much fun. When I first got to her school Ms. Sky was reading the kids a books so I watched from the door with out her knowing I was there. Natalie was very interested in the book....asking lots of questions and answering them very quickly when the teacher would ask them. It was so funny to hear her answers to the questions the teacher would ask. After they finished with the book I went in the classroom. She was so excited to see me there. She kept telling all of her friends that I was her mommy and that I had brought them cupcakes to eat after lunch. I helped Ms. Sky get out all of the kids to the table and ready to eat their lunches(which was so sweet to see all the little ones sitting at the table together) and then Ms. Sky asked them to bow their heads and say the blessing. Of course Natalie was a little shy at first with me being there but that didn't last long she was singing very loudly before the song was over. It was so cute hearing them all sing this song before they ate.

God Our Father
God Our Father,
Once again
Once again,
We thank you for our lunch
We thank you for our lunch
Amen, Amen.
At then end of the song were you are supposed to say Amen, Amen Natalie decided to say A-Girl, A-Girl. It was to funny! Ms. Sky said that Natalie has never liked saying Amen she is always telling everyone that it was not amen or a-boy that is was supposed to be a-girl. She is very funny like this at home too. Pink is for girls and blue is for boys and she will not play with boy toys and doesn't like for Rylan to play with hers. I love my little girly, girl! I will post some pictures from her birthday party at school soon.


Sue said...

This is such a cute story...the "a-girl" is priceless. You must remember that when she's older. Where does she go to preschool? Can't wait to see more pictures.

Fields of Plenty said...

That is so funny she is too cute!