Monday, February 9, 2009

Pink Party

We had Natalie's birthday party on Saturday and everything turned out wonderful. The weather was nice so the kids were able to play outside which was great because we had a lot to show up. Natalie had the best time. She loved playing with all of her friends. She got a lot of cool doh, lots of summer clothes, sunglasses, chap stick, a TV, movies, shoes, and much more. Click on the picture below to see all the fun we had at her party. Thanks to all those who came and to my mom who helped with everything.


codie lee said...

ok... can i just say that i LOVE the pink party! everything looked so pretty and yummy! Natalie is soo precious! :)

Kristin F. said...

You did GREAT! The pictures are beautiful and it looks like she had a wonderful time. I love the marshmallow pops - I may have to steal those for our next party!

Sue said...

The "Pink" party turned out great! I am so glad you shared the pictures with us. Mama did a good job!!!